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Start of the Amber Tour: Let’s Discover the Mysteries of Northern Gold Together

Start of the Amber Tour: Let’s Discover the Mysteries of Northern Gold Together

Amber, also called the gold of the North, was making our country famous for thousands of years before anyone began to use the name “Lithuania”. It was our first ambassador, spreading the message about the Baltic countries on long-distance trade routes. Amber was the most important and most valued object of trade. It is believed that the Balts became familiar with metals and their processing relatively early because of the value of amber. It was not only the Balts who adorned themselves with amber and admired it, but the inhabitants of Ancient Rome, who called amber the gold of the North, valued it as well. Amber necklaces were found even in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, and myths and legends about amber arose in various nations.

Amber has not lost its value and charm even today – it is undoubtedly one of the most unique materials that we can show to all lovers of nature and history from Lithuania and abroad. Although amber is widespread throughout the world, and it seems to us a common thing, Baltic amber (succinum called the gold of the North) is a unique gift from our seaside. Even today, the Baltic Sea coast is responsible for 90 percent of the world’s amber output, while the richest amber deposits in Lithuania lie in the northern part of the Curonian Lagoon.

Amber is a truly unique phenomenon, charming for a variety of reasons. It was valued for its healing properties both in the medicine of the Balts and Ancient Rome, and amber dust has been used in the rituals of the Balts and in the production of natural incense. But, without any doubt, the greatest value of amber is the history frozen in it, attracting scientists of various fields and curious individuals. Insects and other very old forms of life, as well as history, culture, customs, and the mythology of the people who used and shaped it have become trapped in amber. Ancient Balts and Romans adorned themselves with amber jewellery, and in the Renaissance period sophisticated pieces of art were produced from amber to decorate palaces and churches.

Amber can tell us a lot about the past and the environment, so we would like to invite you to learn more about amber and the Lithuanian regions where it is found. We invite all curious individuals who love travelling into the unknown on our Amber Tour. You will learn more about amber and the history of Lithuania and will also have the opportunity to discover various attractions and exclusive events on the Lithuanian seaside. We will offer you travel routes in the surroundings of Neringa and Palanga, and we will tell you more about interesting attractions related to amber. Even if you think that you have searched the Lithuanian seaside in all directions, we hope that the Amber Tour will help you to discover something completely new or look at attractions already visited from a different angle.

Our cultural life is colourful and interesting, like an inclusion in a frozen droplet of amber, so here you will also find information on all the year’s important events in Neringa and Palanga. The seaside of Lithuania never sleeps:  there is always something to do! We believe that travellers of all ages and interests from Lithuania and other countries will find exciting and interesting activities here.

So let’s meet on the Amber Tour!


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