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A walk around amber Palanga

A walk around amber Palanga

On the days when the weather does not allow you to bathe in the sea or spend actively your leisure time, we invite you to take a walk around amber Palanga. There are many objects worth your attention: from exclusive exhibits to articles telling interesting stories. Perhaps you will not be surprised to hear that most of the objects we offer are exhibited at Palanga Amber Museum, but anyway, we invite you to take a walk and see many interesting things.


Collection of inclusions (Palanga Amber Museum)

The northern gold has long fascinated people by its unusual nature, the variety of shapes and colours, but most of all, the ancient secrets stuck in it. The Palanga Amber Museum displays one of the world’s largest collections of inclusions. The amber gemstones unveil not only small and ordinary insects enclosed, but also larger animals such as lizards. Bearing in mind that amber was formed earlier than a human being lived on Earth, the life preserved in it actually takes your breath away and attracts everyone, both curious minds and aesthetic lovers.


The Sun Stone (Palanga Amber Museum)


The Sun Stone is the museum’s object of pride in both figurative and literary sense. This dark-yellow, almost round-shaped amber lump has the size of human’s head and weighs 3.526 kg. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive amber exhibits in the world, marvelling at its solidity and almost perfect shape.





Archaic amber articles (Palanga Amber Museum)

The collections of amber treasure in Palanga and Šventoji, which are stored at the museum, contain a variety of hand-made embellishments made of northern gold from the Stone and Bronze Ages: buttons, pendants, amulets, etc. The amulet representing human, strongly distinguished from other pendants, which is very similar to the Neolithic jewellery belonging to the amber treasure of Juodkrantė. It  is also exhibited here. Another interesting item is the amber bowl, which is very similar to the ones found in Great Britain dating back to the Bronze Age.


A record-length amber necklace (Amber Workshop and Gallery)


More than a hundred people have made a record 314-metre long amber necklace in 4,5 hours to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in Jūratė and Kastytis Square. This improved the previous Lithuanian record, a 283-metre long amber necklace made in 2009 by the Guild of Palanga Amber Masters. You can see the recorder at the Amber Workshop and Gallery.




The Amber Smelt (Molinis ąsotis Restaurant)

10 years ago, the folk artist and the knight of the Smelt Order, Albertas Bukauskas, made an impressive 2-meter long smelt and encrusted it with 5.5 kg of amber. The fish sculpture was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Palanga smelt. All year round, the fish sculpture is kept at the headquarters of the Smelt Order, the restaurant Molinis ąsotis (The Amber Jug) and only during the Smelt festival, the Amber Smelt is placed outdoors so that all the passers-by could see it. The Amber Smelt is an amusing symbol, so be sure to read our record about smelts and the knights of the Smelt Order, before seeing it.



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