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Festival “Amber Weekend” and a record-length necklace

Festival “Amber Weekend” and a record-length necklace

The eleventh festival “Amber Weekend” took place in Palanga on the 5th of May. The festival has become a deep tradition of the city, so if you could not participate this year, read on and consider coming to this festival next year.  

The idea to organize festival “Amber Weekend” in May arose 11 years ago as a way to show residents and visitors that Palanga can be attractive not only during the hot season for sunbathing on the beach and splashing in the Baltic Sea. The name itself indicates that amber reigns during the festival: the sea god Bangpatys scatters small pieces of amber into the sea, jewellers and amber collectors compete with each other, and this year, on the occasion the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania, hundreds of hands contributed to the production of the longest amber necklace.


Competition for the most beautiful piece of amber jewellery

During festival “Amber Weekend”, jewellers attract special attention when they create extraordinary and breath-taking items from Nordic gold. If you are one of those who think amber is boring, come to the competition of the most beautiful piece of amber jewellery held in Palanga. Participation is open to anyone, so you can see amber jewellery of exceptional craftsmanship, from children’s handicrafts to jewellery of various designs made by professionals. So, no matter what your interests are, you should discover something worth your attention. Throughout the history of the event, there have also been some unusual articles such as amber glasses, dog collars and even an amber imitation of a tooth implant.


Amber collecting championship

If amber articles are not your favourite and you are an adventurous person, you should take part in the amber-collecting championship. This competition has been going on for six years and has become an integral part of festival “Amber Weekend” and an international competition. Even though only 10 amber collectors can compete in the championship, contestants from Lithuania and other countries took part in the event for the third time – representatives from Austria, Ireland, France and Germany tried to defeat Lithuanian amber collectors this year.

Anyone who has read our previous article on amber collection may ask about run of the championship events. After all, you cannot control the weather and you will not be able to summon storms to create perfect amber collecting conditions. Nerijus Stasiulis, one of the organizers of the event, revealed the secret: “Each participant pulls out his sector number and receives a numbered empty bag. There are ten numbered areas on the beach with hand-prepared deposits brought in by the waves of the Baltic Sea, which made up of seaweed, small pieces of wood and shells – this is where amber is naturally found. One hundred grams of amber is scattered throughout each such pile.” After the start of the competition, the contestants have exactly five minutes to find as much amber as possible. The winner is the one whose catch weighs the most.


Record amber necklace

The longest amber necklace made for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania became the focus of this year’s event. The aim was to beat Palanga’s previous record for the longest amber necklace, which was created by the Palanga Guild of Amber Masters and measured 283 metres. This year, the intention was to make a 300-metre-long necklace. The organizers of the event were happy: approximately 100 people – interested residents, art groups, organizations and guests of the city came together, and in 4.5 hours made a record approximately 314-metre-long amber necklace, which is planned to be extended every year during Amber Weekend. Palanga residents are already inviting everyone to come next year and contribute to the record.



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