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The 20th anniversary festival of the Days of Old Crafts in Nida will surprise you with its variety of activities

The 20th anniversary festival of the Days of Old Crafts in Nida will surprise you with its variety of activities

As every year, this August Nida invites all lovers of history, traditions and Baltic culture, and those holidaymakers who just want to have a good time to the Days of Old Crafts. This year the twentieth anniversary festival of live archaeology will be held, offering an open-air museum, craft workshops, folklore concerts and other entertainments, which will transport visitors to Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Lithuania. So, curious holidaymakers should not miss the opportunity to visit Neringa on August 15.


See and try archaic crafts

The name of the event, the Days of Old Crafts, is meaningful – archaic professions and skills, passed from generation to generation or restored with the help of historians, are the main focus and the biggest attraction of the festival. Visitors will be able to watch craftspeople at work as well as try their hand at most of the crafts demonstrated during the event themselves. The list of archaic professions presented at the jubilee festival is really impressive.

Craftspeople will invite everyone to learn about old roofing techniques, rye sourdough bread baking, soap making and how books were bound in days of old. People interested in fishing will be able to learn how to make fishing gear using ancient methods or to see how a dugout canoe is made from a hollowed tree trunk. Foodies will be interested to learn how Viking dishes of the 9th – 12th centuries were prepared.

Jewellery lovers will have a particularly wide range of choice: they will be able to see replicas of the Balts’ tribal jewellery at the event, as well as to see and participate in making Viking age Curonian jewellery. The archaic amber processing workshop will be of particular interest.

This is not an exhaustive list of crafts: usually yarn spinning, weaving, making bast shoes and other activities are presented at the festival – there is still a lot of time left until the event, and the variety of offered activities will really grow.


Other Baltic entertainment    


The participants of the event will have the opportunity to take part in various educational activities and workshops of old crafts as well as visit the fair offering plenty of traditional and organic products. As every year, music suitable for the spirit of the event will be played – artist Rugiaveidė with her family and Curonian Spit folklore ensembles Giedružė, Aušrinė and Joldija, who are traditional festival participants, will perform this year.

The festival organizers did not forget about entertainment for children. Lambs grown in the Curonian Spit National Park will wait for families with children. Some of them are colour-marked because they have owners who buy lambs for the park to graze on the meadows of the Curonian Spit during the summer, thereby helping to preserve the varied landscape, preventing the meadows from growing over with forests. Visitors will be able to see sheep doing such an important job and have the opportunity to pet them. The organizers do not doubt that this is a very useful live educational opportunity, especially for those city children who grow up without going to the countryside and rarely have the opportunity to see and touch domestic animals.

We have not listed here everything – as we have already mentioned, the festival will take place in two months, on August 15th, and the details are still being finalized. However, the organizers can already promise an unparalleled weekend in Neringa.

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